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Insurexchange provides insurance and risk management services to the entertainment industry including spectator liability, exhibition equipment floaters, automobile, rented equipment, props, sets and wardrobe ,liquor liability, weather insurance, event cancellation, artist liability, participants & spectators medical, workers compensation, bonds and all other necessary coverage to protect your financial well being.

We provide coverage for trade shows, special events, sporting events, concerts, music venues, festivals, film and theatrical production, movie theaters, cinemas, nightclubs and bars, art festivals, bazaars, carnivals, rodeos, country festivals, fairs, cultural events, farmers markets, DJ's, parades, street fairs, ceremonies, dance, exhibitions and conventions, fundraisers, games, lectures, meetings, parties, political, religious, shows, theatre events, arenas, amphitheaters, auditoriums, coliseums, civic and convention centers, music halls, performing arts theatres, stadiums, skate parks, night clubs, roller skating rinks, motor parks, ice skating, fishing tournaments, scuba diving festivals and game parks. 

Weather Insurance provides you with the assurance you need in the event of adverse weather. Coverage can be provided for both outdoor and indoor events, which can be financial effected by lack of turnout due to adverse weather.

Coverage is available for liability of on and off stage activities for individuals and their employees; management companies, studios and record labels. With coverage for damage to equipment both owned and rented, on tour and off. Image protection insurance can cover the cost of recall, reshooting, cancelling or changing services. Key man life can provide critical coverage to bands, families and those financially impacted by the loss of an individual. Bonus performance coverage can be arranged for any performance teams whether in the arts or sports to encourage peak performance.

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